2020 Educational 4-H Kits

Middle School Curriculum

Dear Connecticut Middle School Educators:

We are a group of students at the University of Connecticut who are striving to make a greater impact on the environment by educating Connecticut’s youth to be more environmentally friendly.

CT Environmental Action Day logo

This year a team has found a 4-H lesson plan to teach middle school students about their environment. For those who are interested, there are supplies for lesson 7 located at four, 4-H Extension offices throughout the state: Windham, Hartford, Litchfield, and New Haven. 

Connecticut Environmental Action Day’s goal is to continue these educational kits yearly. This year we are able to send the 4-H lesson plans to teachers in all 8 counties in Connecticut.  If you are a current UConn student we encourage you to get involved with Connecticut Environmental Action Day Educational Kits!

Please visit our Educational links page for educational links, videos, and more lesson plans for you to use with your online teaching. 

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Tree Rings- Fun Learning for Middle School Students

Learn about tree rings with our Connecticut Environmental Action Day and UConn 4-H programs. Maggi Anstett, a UConn CAHNR student, will teach you some important information about tree rings, and then you can go out and explore on your own.

Density Lab Exercise for Middle School Students

Hello Future Scientists! Today we will be learning about ocean and freshwater density and how it can impact our environment.