2020 CEAD

CT Environmental Action Day logoUniversity of Connecticut Environmental Action Day

Friday, February 28, 2020

UConn Campus – Storrs, CT




Mary Hooker Environmental Sciences Magnet School

CREC Montessori Magnet

Mansfield Middle School

Ellington Middle School

John Read Middle School

Quincy Academy

Mabelle B. Avery Middle School





Capture the Carbon!

  • Julia Cartabiano, Farm Manager, UConn Spring Valley Student Farm
  • Get your hands dirty in a variety of stations focused on environmental actions to offset carbon emissions. Earn “carbon credits” as you start your own compost pile!

(Session 1 & 2)

Plants Fighting Climate Change:  The Risks and Rewards

  • Isaac Betts, UConn EEB Greenhouses
  • Explore plant diversity and life, along with how diverse, intact ecosystems store carbon dioxide efficiently. Also learn what you can do to help maintain ecosystems like natural meadow gardens with native plants, etc. here in CT. (Sessions 1 & 2)

Your Voice in Politics:  Youth Lobbying

  • Sena Wazer & Amy Kalisher, Sunrise CT & Sustaining All Life
  • Learn about ways to reach out to your elected representatives locally, at the state level and nationally. Sena will explain what lobbying is and how you can do it, along with stories from her own experiences.  Through team-building exercises and paired listening exchanges, you will learn how to build confidence and begin to develop your own personal talking points. (Sessions 1 & 2)

Coping With Eco Anxiety

  • Emily Kaufman & Wawa Gatheru, UConn Culture and Conservation
  • Explore the concept of Eco Anxiety, the paralyzing feeling when learning about and dealing with the climate change crisis. You will also develop tools to better cope and address eco anxiety on small and large scales. (Session 1 & 2)

Lunchroom Waste & Ethics

  • Aldo Venditti, Student, UConn Culture and Conservation
  • Learn about the local and global impact of food waste and food-related waste, such as disposable vs reusable utensils, through the familiar model of the school cafeteria. Leave with an increased awareness of waste production in and outside of the school environment and the negative impact that waste has on local and global environments. Explore methods to reduce unnecessary waste, such as composting, etc. (Sessions 1 & 2)

Solar Energy:  One Piece of the Puzzle

  • Sophie MacDonald, Undergraduate Researcher, Mechanical Engineering
  • Through this interactive presentation will learn about solar power and its important role in mitigating climate change. Emphasis will be placed on the need for a holistic solution to our energy crisis; no one technology or one human practice is going to solve everything on its own! (Session 1)

Fast Fashion

  • Aarushi Nohria, Student, UConn Culture and Conservation
  • Learn about the problem the affects the business model of many companies in today’s fashion industry. Also, explore ways that you can help the environment and your wallet through more sustainable shopping practices. (Session 1)

Beginner’s Guide to Environmental Activism

  • Luke Anderson & Katharine Morris, Student Activists, UConn Collaborative Organizing
  • Learn about ways you can participate in environmental activism. Hear from the presenters about their own experiences being involved with activism. Then reflect on your own spheres of influence and whom you can affect by being involved in community efforts. Explore the importance of being mindful of the disproportionate impacts of the climate crisis. Think about who is being left out of decisions in the environmental Emovement and prioritize the perspectives and voices of marginalized groups to help ensure change addressing environmental issues is just for everyone. (Session 1)

Oceans, Ice and Modeling Climate

  • Madeline Williams, Maggie Anstett & Meg Sanders, UConn Change Grant students
  • Learn about how our oceans work while exploring the environmental impacts of light vs. dark landmasses on global warming and sea levels.

The Carbon Footprint Game

  • Mariam Zedan & Cora Altomari, Undergraduate Students, UConn Culture & Conservation
  • Learn how the choices you make affect the planet and the mark you leave on it. Explore the role of carbon footprint and how everything we do and choose has a consequence for

Groundwater Hazards Battleship and Mitigation

  • UConn Geoscience Graduate Students, UConn Dept. of Geosciences Graduate Group
  • Learn about groundwater and the importance of understanding groundwater hazards. You will study the basics of groundwater using fish tank gravel flow models. Then explore groundwater contamination and contamination map views through the use of a Battleship style simulation game.  (Session 2)