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Connecticut Environmental Action Day (CEAD) is a one-day conference that seeks to inspire students to take the #ClimateChangeChallenge and then post their actions using #ExtendtheChange to encourage friends and families to do the same.

CEAD is hosted by UConn 4-H Youth Development – a program of UConn Extension. CEAD is designed to inspire environmental action through a one-day event for middle school students in Storrs, digital curriculum in their classrooms, and by having students submit their environmental action ideas to the Climate Change Challenge Competition.

Students are invited to share their environmental action ideas on Social Media using #ClimateChangeChallenge and using #ExtendtheChange to encourage friends and family to do the same.

The 2020 event is Friday, February 28th at UConn-Storrs.

Goals of CEAD

The goals of Connecticut Environmental Action Day are: 

  • To have students create environmental action ideas for their community.
  • Inspire students to submit their environmental ideas to the Climate Change Challenge Competition.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to receive recognition for their environmental action initiatives.
  • Increase students’ understanding of the environment and natural resources.
  • To foster students’ capacity to become environmentally responsible citizen by increasing their understanding of principles governing individual and collective action.
  • To provide students with access and educational opportunities to the University of Connecticut.

Our Team

Connecticut Environmental Action Day has an inter-disciplinary team that is working to create environmental action in middle school youth and UConn students. Our team members are from three colleges/schools at UConn. We also work with UConn undergraduate students. Learn more about our student leaders on the UConn student page. Team members include:

UConn Extension

Marc Cournoyer, Jen Cushman, Stacey Stearns, Laura Cisneros

Department of Anthropology

Eleanor Ouimet

Department of Marketing

Heidi Bailey


Contact Us

Marc Cournoyer, UConn Extension or 860-774-9600

Stacey Stearns, UConn Extension or 860-486-9228


Frequently Asked Questions

When is CEAD?

The event takes place on the Storrs campus in the spring semester each year.

What is CEAD?

A one-day event for middle school students. There are workshops in the morning on different environmental topics. In the afternoon the students create action plans for their school.

My school cannot attend CEAD, can I still be involved?

Yes, we have digital curriculum that you can use in your school, community, or at home. Visit the middle school tab for more information.

Who can participate in the Climate Change Challenge Competition?

The Climate Change Challenge Competition is open to teams from Connecticut middle schools and teams of UConn students. Anyone can sign up on their own and participate with Project DrawDown.


Participating Schools – 2020

Event on February 28, 2020

Mary Hooker Environmental Sciences Magnet School

CREC Montessori Magnet

Mansfield Middle School

Ellington Middle School

John Read Middle School

Quincy Academy

Mabelle B. Avery Middle School