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Middle School Curriculum

Dear Connecticut Middle School Educators:

We are a group of University of Connecticut students who are striving to make a greater impact on the environment by CEAD ad for curriculum kits, person planting seedlingeducating Connecticut’s youth to be more environmentally friendly. We are reaching out to you for help with our cause.

We are currently organizing Connecticut Environmental Action Day (CEAD), a one-day conference that will take place on the UConn Storrs campus.  Our aim is to inspire Connecticut students to take an active role in addressing environmental and natural resource issues. Our goals for CEAD are to increase students’ awareness of:

  • The environment and natural resources
  • Human behaviors and how they impact the environment in which we live 
  • What they can to as active citizens by taking individual and collective action 

While we are excited for the chance to educate students on the UConn Storrs campus, we realize that is not enough.  We also want to reach students before they come to college, which is where you come in. We received a Change Grant through the UConn Co-op Legacy Fellowship program run by the Office of Undergraduate Research. The Change Grants provide undergraduates the opportunity to engage in projects that make an impact and represent the UConn Co-op’s commitment to public engagement, innovative entrepreneurship, and social impact. With this Grant, we have compiled a 4-H lesson plan and have gotten materials to teach middle schoolers about the environment. We have the opportunity to distribute these education kits to 32 schools in Connecticut. Please fill out our survey to be considered in receiving these kits. Please understand that there is a limited amount and the first people to apply will receive the kits. There will be an online curriculum available on our website. Thank you for taking your time to apply for our curriculum and contributing to our cause.

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